Parrot Cities

Parrot Cities is a field guild to the wild parrots living in Brooklyn. It provides maps and detailed description of habitat, and investigates the impact these thriving migrant communities have on humans. This project combines visual narrative, traditional anecdotal storytelling, and an exploration of scientific and biological facts of interest. Parrot Cities grows from the author’s girlhood passion for the wild city parrots of San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill. 



Nightflower is a personal exploration of grief and the magic-like revelations that came out of one of the darkest periods of my life. The pages offer readers night flowers blooming under a full moon, amulets of forgiveness carried under the wing of a moth and owl feathers resting on my pillow in the morning -- what I consider some of the secrets I discovered in the night. Nightflower seeks to challenge -- and reconcile -- the notions that we have in our culture around loss, grief, and time of personal darkness. Nightflower is approximately 50 pages, 35 illustrations and 900 words total. This is an unpublished work, patiently waiting for its editorial home.